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Winter Cabin on Airbrushed Background

“Winter Cabin” was embossed in black on a red and blue airbrushed background mounted with photo corners and layered on three layers of card stock (two shades of blue and one white). Card by Lee Ann Atencio.

2 thoughts on “Winter Cabin on Airbrushed Background

  1. I am quite taken by this card. Please let me know how it was airbrushed. I am just a beginning student of airbrushing and cannot figure out how Lee Ann did this.

  2. Jan,
    Thank you for the compliment, although it was trial and error with the background. I had just gotten my airbrush and I had been messing around with the spray nozzle. I had cut out a stencil (lightweight cardboard) resembling a cloud. I remember starting from the corner and working diagonally across to the other corner. I would spray lightly and then heavily, and then move the stencil down or across. You will see where it is darker in spots, this is the overlap. I wish you many happy hours with your new airbrush and remember there are many happy mistakes.

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