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I’m happy to announce that my grandson, Jesse, and two of his children, made a trip to California in September and brought my vulcanizer back. The next step will be to purchase raw rubber and restock Stamp Galore’s inventory. I’m concentrating on the line of Brownies with the goal of every one of the 170 designs being available as mounted, cling, or just rubber. When all stock is 100% available, I’ll make an announcement in NEWS on this site. The card that I’m displaying in this Sept./Oct. newsletter uses nine different Brownie stamps. They are 0540-F, Two Trees with Birds; 0544-D. Medium Tree; 0819-F, Hold That Rope!; 0814-A, Ready, Aim, Fire, Smoke; 05450-D, Rocks & Ground; 0524-E, Shrubs/Clouds; 0811-H, Fun with a Burro; 0174-C, Weed Patch; and 0544-K, Tall Brownie Grove. Stamps drawn by my mother, Marge Busby, and used in this card are 0705-F, Rocky Ground, and 0715, Rocks & Grass.

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JANUARY 2023 Newsletter – Bear on Ledge

Entering 2023, I am excited to still be offering my unique line of rubber stamps, sold exclusively by Stamps Galore. Those of you who have been following my journey are quite aware that rubber stamping is my passion. That being said and being 91 years old, my advice to anyone wondering whether to order now or wait, better not to wait as when my present supply of stamps is gone, I won’t be pressing any more rubber. Unfortunately, there are designs that are now out of stock. Most of the designs in my catalog were drawn by my mother, some drawn in the ’30s. Bear on Ledge, Sm, 0153-F is featured in this birthday card.

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September 2022 Newsletter – CAT IN SCENIC WINDOW

Well, here we are already in September! I’ve chosen Cat in Scenic Window, 0772-U to share with you today. The stamp was stamped on 120-weight watercolor paper and colored by my friend, Judi Lunday, who is a watercolor artist. This is one of the drawings that my mother did around 1990. I have the same image (0776-U) available in my catalog without the scene showing in the window. It is fun to have my friend color a stamped image and for me to do the framing of it onto a card. The Aloe Vera Plant (0775-D) is available separately as a stamp and measures 1″ tall. The card base is Stampin’ Up’s Choc Chip and the layer is a dark tan.

Cat in scenic window