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This card’s egret stamp, MC1021-L, is one of my favorite stamps. Living in North Idaho, near marshes, I occasionally see one of these beautiful birds. Egrets are elegant and majestic birds belonging to the heron family. They are known for their long, slender bodies, graceful postures, and striking plumage. With their snowy white feathers, thin necks, and dagger-like beaks, egrets exude an aura of beauty and tranquility.

The “Happy Birthday!” stamp, MW882-C, is one that I frequently use as its size of 1″ x 3/8″ makes it a good choice for many cards.

Capture the essence of nature with an egret rubber stamp, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your crafts, stationery, and artwork. Let the spirit of these graceful birds inspire your creativity and spread the message of environmental stewardship.

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January 2022 Newsletter – Geese in Flight

The card I am sharing today was made with a stamp (Geese in Flight, 0758-M) drawn by my mother around 1980 and another stamp of unknown origin. I’ve sold this stamp and often wondered how others use it, but have never seen it used by anyone other than myself. Making this card challenged me to get the depth perception that I wanted. I hope that when you view it, you do see the depth. Living in North Idaho, we often see the Canadian geese flying in their beautiful formations. Just recently, I saw seven geese fly over and, suddenly, I came to the realization that one of them had lost his/her mate as usually, they are in groups of even numbers. I felt sadness for that goose, but happiness that he/she is still with his/her community which is just another example of how important support groups are.

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Brownies Playing in the Snow

Stamps used are “Bird with Grass”, “Airborne – Up! Up!”, “What?”, “Snow Capped Mountains”, “Tabogganing Downhill”, “Airborne – Where’s the Bottom?”, “Pine Forest” and have been colored with pencils, snow is puff embossing powder with glitter. Corner punch is tear drop and is layered on red glossy card stock. Card by Margaret Wiggin.

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Animals and Blazing Sun Blocks

“Bold Block – Celestial Bunny”, “Bold Block –  Heron”, “Bold Block – Blazing Sun”, “Bold Block – Rooster” and “Bold Block – Hummingbird” are stamped on glossy card stock using a black Memories ink pad and cut out. The background is made by stamping white glossy card stock three times in different colors with a scrap of rubber left over from trimming an unmounted stamp. The scrap is inked using a couple of drops of a chalk stamp pad re-inker on a cosmetic wedge. The rectangles are direct to paper small dye stamp pads. The blocks are attached in the pattern shown above. The glossy card stock is layered on steel blue grey card stock and a black line is drawn around the white glossy card stock. Card by Thalia Sledge.

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Loon Fishing #2

“Loon Fishing, Lg.” is stamped on white paper and colored with oil color pencils. Crystal Lacquer was applied to a portion of the loon that is under water. Four eyelets were applied which hold the three background papers in place. Although a loon is black and white with a red eye, it is fun to take an “artist’s liberty” and color this image in many different colors. Card by Margaret Wiggin.

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Bird on Cherry Blossom Branch

“Bird on Branch” is stamped on vellum with black Memories and colored on the opposite side with pencils. Only the leaf of this stamp is inked and stamped on three sides to form a border and is colored on the opposite side with pencils. The vellum is placed over white card stock and tied with raffia ribbon. Card by Margaret Wiggin

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