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Bold Block – Love Hand with Love & Peace Stamps

“Bold Block – Love Hand” is stamped on polymer clay, baked and painted (the two outside blocks). The center block is stamped on card stock, colored with markers and has a rhinestone glued to it. The word stamps, “Love” and “Peace” (a discontinued stamp; e-mail for availability) are stamped with a Rocket Red Brilliance pad, embossed with red embossing powder and cut with deckle edged scissors, then edged with a gold Krylon Leafing pen. The layering is done with red, black and white glossy card stock. Card by Susan Frank and Margaret Wiggin.

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Fan Necklace & Earrings

“Rose Fan, Lg.” was stamped once (necklace pendant) on white shrink plastic with Staz-on ink and colored with Walnut Hollow oil color pencils. “Rose Fan, Sm.” was stamped twice (earrings) on white shrink plastic. Holes were punched in the top and bottom of the fans so that beads and findings could be added. The shrink plastic was shrunk by being heated with a heat gun. Necklace and earrings by Davetta Alexander.

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Hanger Using Bold Block Stamps

“Bold Block – Heron”, “Bold Block – Sailboat” and “Bold Block – Sea Gulls” are stamped on both sides of 1 1/4″ wood squares (available at craft stores) with Blue Crafter’s ink and heat set. Images are colored with pencils. A silver Krylon Leafing pen is used to edge each piece. A silver eye pin is screwed in the tops and bottoms of each wood piece. The wood pieces are finished with a matte or glossy sealing spray when they are completely dry. Beads are strung using silver thread and the ends of the thread are tied to jump rings. The jump rings are attached to the eye pins except for the top jump ring which is attached to a large silver ring. In this case a key chain ring was used. Hanger is by Wendy Kerr.

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Domino Using Teapot Stamps


Lightly sand a white domino until the sheen is gone. Add Gesso (white) to the top and sides. When dry, paint with a stipple brush using Lumiere paints ( Pearl Magenta 573 and Sunset Gold 554). “Teapots on Table” is stamped on the domino using black Brilliance ink. Heat set the image. Stamp the alphabet letters and numbers, “TEA 4 2″ on white tissue paper with black Brilliance ink, heat set and cut the letters out as one unit. Using a soft brush, apply PPA to domino, place”TEA 4 2” on the domino. Apply another coat of PPA on top of the tissue. At this point, the letter should almost be disappearing, but some of the tissue will show. When dry, stamp on the sides of the domino with names of different types of tea. Pink Crystal Lacquer was then applied to the top and all sides which takes a couple of hours to dry. Tiny beads can be sprinkled into the Lacquer to give it more glitter. Tiny green beads were used in this sample. Domino by Lee Ann Atencio.

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Zuni Bear Fetish, Large & Small

“Zuni Bear Fetish, Lg.” and “Sunburst, Lg.” are embossed in silver on rust confetti card stock. “Sunburst, Sm.” is embossed in silver on a formica tag. “Zuni Bear Fetish, Sm.” and “Southwest Frame, Med.” are embossed in silver on a rust confetti card stock rectangle trimmed with deckle scissors. This rectangle is layered on the formica tag. Glass beads are attached to the card stock at the hole in the formica tag. The last bead is a cut and polished rock bear. Card by Margaret Wiggin.

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Sun Catcher was Made Using Eskimo Child Stamp

“Eskimo Child” is stamped with black Crafter’s ink and heat set on a clean round glass shape (available at local craft stores) making sure to heat it until no wet ink can be seen and being careful while handling the glass as it is HOT. Gallery Glass was colored on the side opposite where it was stamped. It was turned occasionally to be able to see where to add more Gallery Glass. When dry, a thin layer of Perm Enamel (found in the glass paints sections) was added to the back. Next, tiny clear glass beads were added and it was left to dry. In order to ensure that the beads won’t come off, another layer of Perm Enamel was applied and left to dry. On the front, a line of Perm Enamel was painted along the edge, beads added and it was left to dry. A thin coat of Perm Enamel was added to the entire front to protect the stamped ink from being scratched off. Sun catcher by Wendy Kerr.

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Pendant is Made Using Mimbreno Jack Rabbit #1

“Mimbreno Jack Rabbit #1” is stamped into Sculpey III Clay and a pebble stamp is stamped to give the textured background. Turquoise and green acrylic paint is painted over the entire pendant and the excess is wiped off leaving color in the lower levels. A hole is pressed into the top and the clay is baked. Leather lacing is tied to the pendant and a bead is added. Pendant is by Susan Frank.

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Pendant & Earrings Made Using Tlingit Owl Stamp

“Tlingit Owl, Sm.” (e-mail for availability of this discontinued stamp as there are a few still available) is stamped on black Sculpey II Clay and baked. The pieces are painted with Super Copper Lumiere paint and findings and beads attached. Set made by Margaret Wiggin.

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Native American Dancer # 1

“Native American Dancer #1” is stamped on white card stock, colored with pencils, cut out and attached to a piece of brown handmade paper which has been water torn on the edges. A piece of Urban Metal (gold) paper is layered on black card stock and the stamped piece is then layered on the Urban Metal paper. Eyelets, fiber and beads are attached as shown. The card is made by Wendy Kerr.