Petroglyph – Deer, Sm.


The size of this stamped image is 1  1/2″ x 1″.


Immerse yourself in the ancient world with our unique collection of rubber stamps featuring petroglyphs. These stamps bring the mystery and wonder of prehistoric rock carvings right to your fingertips. Each stamp is carefully crafted to replicate the intricate details of petroglyphs, depicting animals, human figures, symbols, and abstract designs that have captivated historians and art enthusiasts alike for centuries. With their rich cultural heritage and artistic significance, these petroglyph rubber stamps are perfect for adding a touch of history and intrigue to your art projects, scrapbooking, journaling, or other creative endeavors. Made with high-quality rubber for crisp and clear impressions, our petroglyph stamps are easy to use and can be a distinctive addition to your collection. Explore the timeless beauty of petroglyphs and unlock your creativity with our captivating rubber stamps.

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Rubber Only, Rubber, Cushion, Cling, Mounted


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