Mimbreno Animal


The size of this stamped image is 1  1/8″ x 1  1/4″.


Mimbreno art is a type of Indigenous art that originates from the Mimbres people, who lived in southwestern New Mexico, United States, between approximately 200 and 1150 CE. Mimbreno art is best known for its distinctive black-on-white pottery, which features intricate designs and patterns depicting a range of subjects, including animals, humans, and mythological creatures. The designs are often highly stylized, with geometric shapes and patterns used to create an abstract representation of the subject. Mimbreno art also includes other mediums, such as rock art and textiles, which similarly feature bold designs and patterns. The Mimbreno culture declined around the 12th century, but their art has had a lasting influence on the artistic traditions of the region and continues to be highly prized for its beauty and historical significance.

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Rubber Only, Rubber, Cushion, Cling, Mounted


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