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Owl & Horse at Sunset

“Owl on Limb”, “Narrow Butte, Sm.” and “Wild Horse” are stamped on white glossy card stock and colored with markers. The card stock is trimmed to a rectangle leaving part of the owl’s head above the rectangle. A circle is cut from orange card stock, sponged on the right side with a darker orange to represent the setting sun and is placed under the portions of the branch, the butte and the back of the horse that have been cut out so it appears that the sun is in the background, yet you can see part of the sun behind the three objects. A line is drawn behind the horse, well below the butte and to the left side of the card to complete the mountain ledge on which the horse is standing and to give the appearance that the butte is quite a distance away. The sky and ground are stippled. The piece of white card stock is layered over black card stock. A triangle is cut from black card stock and a design punched into it. This is layered on a square piece of white glossy card stock and the words, “Miss You” and a heart are drawn on one corner which is edged with a Krylon leafing pen and stippled. The black triangle is glued to the other corner and this square is layered over the white card stock, the rectangle of black and the orange card stock. Card by Beverly Shupp.

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