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I am delighted to share a piece of envelope art that I recently received from a customer. Inside the envelope were two lovely gifts and a thank you note, all made using Brownie stamps that Mary recently purchased. The Brownie stamps on the envelope are “Catch it”, 0171-G and “Tree limb with 2 Brownies”, 0551-F. I don’t know what company made the beautiful flower stamp. I love seeing how customers use my stamps and so appreciate receiving samples of their work. Thank you, Mary!


  1. I am so happy you liked my envelope and other stamping Brownies I sent you.
    Big Hugs,

  2. Hello Judy,

    I have never offered my stamps for sale to countries other than the United States for two reasons: One is that I have thought the “language barrier” would be too difficult to manage. Second, I assumed the shipping cost would be counter-productive. Do you have an idea of what shipping would cost? Apparently, you speak English so that would eliminate the “language barrier.” If I were to sell you rubber stamps, do you have any idea of the cost and how we would handle the transaction of the sale?

    Thanks for your inquiry. I love the Brownie stamps, also.

    Margaret Wiggin
    Stamps Galore

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