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January 2022 Newsletter – Geese in Flight

The card I am sharing today was made with a stamp (Geese in Flight, 0758-M) drawn by my mother around 1980 and another stamp of unknown origin. I’ve sold this stamp and often wondered how others use it, but have never seen it used by anyone other than myself. Making this card challenged me to get the depth perception that I wanted. I hope that when you view it, you do see the depth. Living in North Idaho, we often see the Canadian geese flying in their beautiful formations. Just recently, I saw seven geese fly over and, suddenly, I came to the realization that one of them had lost his/her mate as usually, they are in groups of even numbers. I felt sadness for that goose, but happiness that he/she is still with his/her community which is just another example of how important support groups are.

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