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Igloo Mailbox with Pine Silhouettes in Background

Stamps used are “Igloo Mail Box, Sm.”, “Pine Silhouette” and “Uneven Ground/Snowdrifts.” All were stamped on 140 lb. weight watercolor paper and were inked by coloring directly on the stamp with Marvy Markers. Color was drawn out with a fine-pointed soft bristle paint brush dipped in water. Color from Marvy Markers were rubbed on a plastic coated paper plate and used as a palette to color the flag on the “Igloo Mail Box.” The “Igloo Mail Box” was stamped first and masked while the trees and the “Snowdrifts” were stamped. Diamond Glaze and glitter were applied to the mail box and the snowdrifts. Diamond Glaze goes on fairly thick so one doesn’t have to worry about it running outside of the desired area. It hardens to give a raised, wet or glass-like look. The finished watercolor paper was layered over green card stock to frame the card. An absolute “MUST” for this watercolor technique is to use 140 pound watercolor paper and Marvy Markers. Card by Lisa Haan.

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