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Domino Using Teapot Stamps


Lightly sand a white domino until the sheen is gone. Add Gesso (white) to the top and sides. When dry, paint with a stipple brush using Lumiere paints ( Pearl Magenta 573 and Sunset Gold 554). “Teapots on Table” is stamped on the domino using black Brilliance ink. Heat set the image. Stamp the alphabet letters and numbers, “TEA 4 2″ on white tissue paper with black Brilliance ink, heat set and cut the letters out as one unit. Using a soft brush, apply PPA to domino, place”TEA 4 2” on the domino. Apply another coat of PPA on top of the tissue. At this point, the letter should almost be disappearing, but some of the tissue will show. When dry, stamp on the sides of the domino with names of different types of tea. Pink Crystal Lacquer was then applied to the top and all sides which takes a couple of hours to dry. Tiny beads can be sprinkled into the Lacquer to give it more glitter. Tiny green beads were used in this sample. Domino by Lee Ann Atencio.

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