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Domino Art Using Mimbreno Dancer

Domino preparation:  Lightly sand a white domino until the sheen is gone. Add Gesso (white) to the top and sides. When dry, apply color with chalks. Colors used were Oranges, yellows in the middle area, dark brown and black for the border. “Mimbreno Dancer” is stamped on the domino with black Brilliance ink. On the sides of the domino stamp the words, “Apache” and “Mimbres” using alphabet stamps were stamped. On the ends, “AND” was stamped. Heat set the words and apply Crystal Lacquer to the top and sides. It takes several hours to lacquer the top and all the sides. A hole can be drilled in the domino before preparing it to be stamped. They can also be sealed with Krylon spray, Future Floor Finish or Diamond Glaze. Art by Lee Ann Atencio.

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