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Cupped Hands Holding Rose with a Stem

“Cupped Hands” is stamped with a black Memories pad on Ninja Confetti by Fox River Paper Co., colored with pencils, the hands cut out and the “cuff” edge torn. Glaze is put on the fingernails. “Rose with Stem” is embossed in gold on white card stock, colored with markers and cut out. A slit is cut between the two hands and the rose is slipped into the slit. The Cupped Hands and the Rose are foam mounted on a lavender piece of card stock which is layered on tan card stock, wall paper, tan card stock and a lavender card. Yarn is secured with a brad on the two layers just before the final card. Card by Margaret Wiggin.

1 thought on “Cupped Hands Holding Rose with a Stem

  1. I would like to buy the hand rubber stamp. How do I do that.
    Sherrill Grimes

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