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This card was made by Lynn Lane in the ’90s and has always been one of my favorite scenic cards. All stamps are by Stamps Galore: 0005-K, Scootin’ Bear; 0234-Q, Tree Trunk; 0531-F, Lg. Rock; 0540-F, Two Trees with Birds; 0544-K, Tall Grove; 0545-D, Rocks & Ground; 0707-G, Tall Grass, Lg.; 0526-E, Long Branch; and 0707-G, Tall Grass, Lg.. She used colored pencils to color the card.

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We have the vulcanizer, which is the machine used to press the rubber stamps, set up and have resumed pressing rubber again after many years of a hiatus from it. I must say that it isn’t as easy as it used to be, and I’m not doing great in recalling the processing procedures; however, my grandson is a good problem solver and is helping me. If only, I had the Brownies working at night pressing the rubber! As my mother would have said, “if hopes and wishes were horses and carriages, we would ride in style every day.”

The Brownie card I’ve chosen to show today is a scan of a thank you card that I am sending to Roberta Spierling, editor/publisher of the magazine, Rubber Stamp Madness, who recommended I contact Jim Marcus for advice on pressing rubber. Jim graciously gave me advice that I am attempting to master as I try different approaches to this task of pressing rubber.

An oval die cut was used to cut a frame from colored card stock. The Brownie stamp, “Write On – Hanging the Sign”, 0806-N, and “Thanks”, were stamped on a larger piece of white card stock and cut with an oval die larger than the oval in the frame. That piece was then glued to the back side of the frame and the frame was glued to the card.

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I’m happy to announce that my grandson, Jesse, and two of his children, made a trip to California in September and brought my vulcanizer back. The next step will be to purchase raw rubber and restock Stamp Galore’s inventory. I’m concentrating on the line of Brownies with the goal of every one of the 170 designs being available as mounted, cling, or just rubber. When all stock is 100% available, I’ll make an announcement in NEWS on this site. The card that I’m displaying in this Sept./Oct. newsletter uses nine different Brownie stamps. They are 0540-F, Two Trees with Birds; 0544-D. Medium Tree; 0819-F, Hold That Rope!; 0814-A, Ready, Aim, Fire, Smoke; 05450-D, Rocks & Ground; 0524-E, Shrubs/Clouds; 0811-H, Fun with a Burro; 0174-C, Weed Patch; and 0544-K, Tall Brownie Grove. Stamps drawn by my mother, Marge Busby, and used in this card are 0705-F, Rocky Ground, and 0715, Rocks & Grass.

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What a pleasant surprise I had early in July! An ad I had run in RubberStampMadness had been seen by a former customer of mine, Beverly Shupp, who had purchased my entire line of Brownie stamps in the late 90s and had recently contacted me with the question: “I just saw that you’re selling a vulcanizer.  Please tell me you’re continuing in business and this is not a harbinger of someone retiring!!!!!! In the exchange of several emails, I learned that my long-time friend was now living in Hawaii, “a far piece”. from Colorado where she was living when I frequently would see her artwork published in RSM. Below, I am sharing a card that Beverly made for me many years ago using several of my Brownie stamps. I don’t know the names of the other stamps used in this card or the company that made the stamps. The Brownie hanging from the friend’s hand is “Treed – Hold on!” 0559-G; the Brownie falling is “Airborne – Every which way but up” 0361-D; the Brownie looking up is “What?” 0365-C.

Another surprise was in store for me which is that my grandson, Jesse, has offered to make a trip to my California home to pick up my vulcanizer and bring it back to North Idaho where he will press rubber with it to restock inventory for Stamps Galore. My great-grandson, Andy, will be making the trip with us and, of course, while there, he and his Dad will spend some time surfing. Andy just turned eleven and has been helping me fill mail orders. We are thinking that he might like to take over the Brownie portion of the company in a few years. Time will tell. Nothing would make me happier than to have the company continue to operate under his management when I am ready to let it go.

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This card’s egret stamp, MC1021-L, is one of my favorite stamps. Living in North Idaho, near marshes, I occasionally see one of these beautiful birds. Egrets are elegant and majestic birds belonging to the heron family. They are known for their long, slender bodies, graceful postures, and striking plumage. With their snowy white feathers, thin necks, and dagger-like beaks, egrets exude an aura of beauty and tranquility.

The “Happy Birthday!” stamp, MW882-C, is one that I frequently use as its size of 1″ x 3/8″ makes it a good choice for many cards.

Capture the essence of nature with an egret rubber stamp, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your crafts, stationery, and artwork. Let the spirit of these graceful birds inspire your creativity and spread the message of environmental stewardship.

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I am delighted to share a piece of envelope art that I recently received from a customer. Inside the envelope were two lovely gifts and a thank you note, all made using Brownie stamps that Mary recently purchased. The Brownie stamps on the envelope are “Catch it”, 0171-G and “Tree limb with 2 Brownies”, 0551-F. I don’t know what company made the beautiful flower stamp. I love seeing how customers use my stamps and so appreciate receiving samples of their work. Thank you, Mary!

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FEBRUARY 2023 Newsletter – Balloons

What fun to have two of my great-grandchildren and my daughter in my craft room last Saturday. All were making cards for friends and family menber’s birthdays and for Valentine’s Day. The card that I am eager to share today was made by my daughter for her son who lives in Missouri with his wife and their three children. It was made using Balloon, line drawn, 06607-E. Each balloon was stamped, colored with alcohol markers and cut out individually. Then laid across the top of the card to form a frame. The base of the card is white with a trimmed layer of avocado green and white cardstock. He turns 36 on February 17 so the main focus on the card was the numbers, “36” which were cut out of avocado green using metal dies.

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JANUARY 2023 Newsletter – Bear on Ledge

Entering 2023, I am excited to still be offering my unique line of rubber stamps, sold exclusively by Stamps Galore. Those of you who have been following my journey are quite aware that rubber stamping is my passion. That being said and being 91 years old, my advice to anyone wondering whether to order now or wait, better not to wait as when my present supply of stamps is gone, I won’t be pressing any more rubber. Unfortunately, there are designs that are now out of stock. Most of the designs in my catalog were drawn by my mother, some drawn in the ’30s. Bear on Ledge, Sm, 0153-F is featured in this birthday card.

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November/December 2022 Newsletter – Zuni Bear Fetish, Lg.

This card was made by stamping 0965-P, Zuni Bear Fetish, Lg. in black on white card stock and die cutting a border around the image. That was glued to a 4″ x 5 1/4″ piece of black cardstock. The final step was to glue that to a base of white cardstock. This is probably one of the easiest cards to make.

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