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New Chapter of My Life

For 5 ½ years, I’ve had the privilege of caring for my mother in her home in Coos Bay, Oregon.  I so appreciate that she allowed me to do so.  Together we reached our goal of keeping her in her home until she passed away at the age of 101 and 7 months.  Hospice was a tremendous help and gave us support for a year and 5 months.  At 100, she had met her goal, but continued to have relatively good health up until the last few months of her life even though she had been diagnosed with metastatic cancer of unknown origin when Hospice came on board.

I want to share with you what my granddaughter Bailey wrote on Facebook about her Great Grandmother:
“My 101 year old Great Grandmother is no longer with us.  She is one of the strongest women I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  She has taught me so much through her life about standing up for what you believe in, who you believe in, and why you believe.  I have her mind in many ways which is a blessing and a curse.  I mean to say, she had enough “head strong mentality” to filter through four generations and look how much is still left in me 😉 so you can only imagine what she was like!  I feel so blessed to have such an incredible woman in my life to learn from.  Thank you for being a fighter at heart and in shaping me mentally.  I AM because of you, Grandma Busby.  Thank you for your love, your life, and your lessons; I love you so much. “May you Rest in Peace.”

I never realized Bailey felt that way about her Great Grandmother.  It warmed my heart to see that she had posted a picture on her Facebook of our four generations accompanied by her statement regarding how she felt about her Great Grandmother.  Here is a picture of the four generations: